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We know how to convert business strategy into successful execution by utilizing the right mix of technologies, business analytics and cultural change systems.  We synthesize the data from top research firms, experienced consultants and word on the street to be a one-stop consulting resource with insights and outsights that can help you make better business and technology decisions.

How do we help you?

We make learning about the multitudes of technology options much easier and faster. We condense the volumes of vendor meetings and “sales pitches” down to the key strengths and fit for your specific needs.  You get more done in less time with Choice.

We know how to convert business strategy into successful execution by utilizing the right mix of technologies, business analytics and cultural change systems

How Choice Helps You…

 we do smart

C Bright Blue small we see the bigger picture.  We work with you to understand your unique business environment, challenges, strengths and resources, and then we leverage our knowledge of telecommunication and IT services and best practices to help you achieve the results you desire.  We utilize business intelligence, technology, and cultural change systems to help you create and maintain a sustainable competitive advantage that allows you to win the preference of more customers in the marketplace; take more costs out of your business; and provide valuable financial returns to your stakeholders.

we do the homework

C Bright Purple 20 we identify your best options.  We use a combination of knowledge, resources and experience to gain insights into business trends, telecommunication and information technology utilization best practices, and change management approaches to help you choose the best option or combination of options to achieve the results you want.  We utilize neutral third party rating systems such as Gartner to evaluate telecom and IT companies and services in the real world, ensuring you are being presented with the most sophisticated “best of breed” options available to meet your objectives and budget.

we do simple

C Bright Red 20 we make it easy to buy. Purchasing separately from several vendors means many meetings, calls and emails to communicate the same information over and over again.  With Choice, you only need to provide the information once to get all of the the services you need.  Once we understand your operating environment, technical environment, financial requirements and goals, we’ve got you covered.

we put you first

C Fusia 20 we have only one agenda: to do what is best for our clients.  We have no quotas to meet, so you won’t receive a call from us at the end of the month to pressure you into buying something from us.  We are also telecommunication and technology provider neutral, so we look at the various solutions objectively and focus exclusively on identifying those that will best meet the needs and goals of our clients.

we do the legwork

C Orange 20 we give you the support you need.  With Choice, you can count on us as the single source to own the issue.  As a Choice client you will get two layers of support: one provided by the vendor and the other provided by us. This ensures you receive the most reliable access to the support services you need and a much faster time to resolution.

Choice’s philosophy is to prevent problems before they happen.  We achieve this by designing resilient systems with automated processes that proactively fix problems before they impact your business operations.  We monitor and proactively diagnose and manage issues before they become problems that cost your business significant money.

we do future proofing

C Hyper Green 20 we help you evolve. Consumer needs and preferences change over time, which means your strategy, operations and people must be adaptable enough to change with them.  We leverage our experience, skills, capabilities and expert knowledge help you design systems to quickly and easily shift to technologies that will better position your business to evolve with the changing marketplace and your customers’ needs.  By having Choice as your strategic thinking partner, you will be better able to know the trends you should be planning for and the technology mix you should be thinking about to stay ahead of market changes and disruptions.