Choice Premier Customer Service & Support

We believe a key ingredient to excellent customer service and support is the personal touch. With Choice, you can count on us as the single source to own the issue.  You get two layers of support: one provided by us and the other provided by our world class suppliers.  We position you to receive the most reliable access to support services with a faster time to resolution.

Choice delivers 24 x 7 x 365 dedicated team members in support of the solutions we provide to you.  Choice utilizes a combination of internal and supplier resources to assist with account management, provisioning, engineering, project management, technical support, and customer support.  We plan ahead to be sure we can take care of your needs even if a situation arises where an internal team member is no longer with the company by embedding succession planning.  Succession planning enables our operation to run in even the worst-case scenarios.

Additionally, our contracted supplier model monitors our need for support resources based on the average number of tickets per day against the resources available to ensure you receive consistent quality of service.  Our unique scalable support model enables us to expand or condense resources, which in turn allows us to maximize the savings for our customers and provide high-quality services at the same time.

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