Dr. Red Briou

PhD. Information Technology

Principal & Chief Technology Officer


With over 20-year technology and innovation experience, Red Briou has combined technological innovation and leadership to develop unique and creative strategies to find and explore ways to drive innovative transformations.

Born in Casablanca, Red Briou came to the US to attend school in Minnesota where he earned a bachelor degree in Management Information Systems.  As an avid runner and soccer player, he participated in collegiate track & field and soccer athletics for 4 years while completing his degree.  He joined Sprint Communications in Minnesota in his sophomore year at the university, and later took on the challenge to manage many complex projects in IT and call centers in beautiful Hawai’i after he completed his undergraduate studies in Minnesota.

After completing a Masters Degree in Information Systems at Hawai’i Pacific University, and seeking new challenges and learning experiences, Red moved to Silicon Valley in Northern California where he was involved in the design and management of complex IP networks for fortune 500 corporations such as Cisco, Oracle, Hitachi, Google, Visa, Yahoo, HP, Apple, GAP, and others.  The interwoven business and technological innovation culture of the Silicon Valley has reshaped Red’s vision and view of the role of technology in the success of organizations, and how to leverage technology and innovation to create untapped market spaces and new products and services.

Red further expanded his academic resume with a Doctorate in Business, concentrating on managing technology and specifically in the area of interoperability of wireless communication systems for the first responders.  Using his acumen in technology and leadership, Red has helped many organizations leverage technology to help and enhance the success of their leadership, products, and services.  In the last few years, through Choice Technologies’ Internet of Everything wing 212 Communications, Red has also spent efforts and conducted research in the area of the Internet of Things and Connected living/working and its impact on the ongoing business transformation.

Red is also an adjunct Professor at Hawai’i Pacific University and the University of Phoenix Hawaii covering topics in Information Systems in Business, Networking and Telecommunications, Risk Management and Business Continuity, Information Security, Computer Logic, Business Computer Applications.

Red is a member of many consortiums and associations and regularly participate in speaking and discussion panel events.  Red is fluent in French and Arabic, and has a basic understanding of Japanese and Spanish.