Mobility Management & Diagnostics

Rapidly and Dramatically Improve Mobile Deployment Visibility and Troubleshooting

Mobile diagnostics gives you the tools you need to pinpoint connectivity issues quickly and accurately to keep your mobile users productive and focused on their work.  With the push of a button, instantly analyze every data hop between devices and application servers to identify the root cause of the problem.

The World’s Only Self-Diagnosing Connectivity Solution

Get More User Uptime

  • Minimize downtime by quickly identifying problems and solving with pinpoint accuracy.
  • Ensure mobile workers have access to the best coverage and the fastest network technologies.
  • Reduce IT support costs by eliminating unnecessary calls and improving mean time to repair.

Quickly Identify and Troubleshoot Chronic Connectivity Problems

  • Track and report geo-tagged coverage data to better manage carrier SLAs.
  • Monitor GPS performance to ensure maximum benefit from location-based applications and services.
  • Optimize mobile VPN settings and policies to help address problem areas.

Create Email/Text Alerts Calling Attention To Key Events

  • Increase operational awareness – ensure stakeholders know what, when and where key events are occurring.
  • Improve utilization and savings on devices with under- or over-utilized cellular data threshold alerts.

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