Hosted VoIP & Unified Communications

Choice helps you determine which VoIP and Unified Communications platform will work for you before you make changes and investments to your VoIP and Unified Communications platform.

Pre-Deployment Readiness Assessment – Successful VoIP & UC implementations require a pre-deployment network assessment. Choice analyzes your entire Unified Communications ecosystem through the lens of expected voice quality.

  • Analysis of current actual call volume data and trunk utilization
  • Calculation of minimum, maximum, and average bandwidth requirements for new IP systems
  • VoIP and video test calls test if the bandwidth and network equipment is ready to handle the expected VoIP traffic
  • Test calls are analyzed for delay, jitter, and packet loss and an overall MOS Score is calculated
  • Analysis to ensure the network is sized and configured correctly for VoIP

Choice offers the brands ranked highest for reliability and customer service, including a nationally number #1 rated option.

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Our featured supplier: Jive