Data Center

Data Centers are fortified, highly secure and reliable facilities that house an organization’s most critical IT systems and are vital to the continuity of daily business operations.

In Hawaii, Choice provides managed collocation services within DRFortress, the single most important connectivity point between the continental US and Asia Pacific.  DRFortress Hawaii’s digital hub is the most densely populated data center of interconnected telecommunications and technology providers, ISP’s, content distribution networks, government, financial, healthcare and enterprises—all interconnected in the middle of the Pacific with the rest of the world.

Because DRFortress is a network neutral data center, it can attract the widest range of connectivity providers into its facility.  Having interconnection between multiple telecommunication carriers and technology providers means clients have a real choice of providers who are all competing to deliver the best performance, service and price for their applications and content.

DRFortress is also heavily fortified and redundant with backup systems to its back up systems, making it one of the most resilient facilities in the State with up-time statistics that beat out the highest rated data centers in the world.  With a 100% up-time guarantee, you can rely on highly available, uninterrupted service for all of your IT infrastructure and business operations.

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