Chief Information Officer Assist Services

Choice’s CIO Assist Services can help your business plan for, design, implement, operate, and manage the right technologies to improve your business.  We are your insider that has visibility into the sales strategies of the suppliers, and because we are neutral you can count on us to be selecting the solutions that are in your best interests:

  • We link technology to internal strategic capabilities
  • We link technology to external strategic products and services
  • We forecast how technology will change the marketplace you operate in
  • We adapt the business so it continues to thrive

We don’t recommend getting new technology for the sake of having the latest and greatest.  Technology needs to be evaluated with business rationale and financial justification.  If technology doesn’t help your business to be better off, we don’t recommend it no matter how cool it may be.

We are available for short term or long term engagements.  So it’s easy and flexible to engage us.  We provide free consultations to ensure we understand and can meet your specific needs.

Contact us to learn more.