High Performance, High Quality Broadband Solutions

You no longer have to choose between slow, unreliable, inexpensive broadband Internet or costly leased lines. Our Advanced Bonded Internet provides leased-line performance at regular broadband prices.

Full bandwidth available for single transfers

Unlike load balancing solutions that limit the speed of an upload or download to the speed of the individual connection, Multappliedā€™s Advanced Bonded Internet makes available the total combined bandwidth of all connections, for a single transfer. This bandwidth is available for downloads and uploads.

Bond diverse connections

Internet connections of different types, providers, speeds, and latencies can be bonded. Use a combination of DSL, cable, fiber, fixed or mobile wireless, T1, etc.

Quality of Service

Quality of serviceĀ (QoS) features prioritize VoIP and other high-priority applications over bulk traffic, keeping the connection usable even when performing large transfers.

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